Website and Server Updated!

Kinnngg - Fri, Jun 17, 2016 4:55 PM ▪ Global News

Both website and server recieves several updates, fixing bugs and adding various new features.

  • Long awaited Taser only vote has been enabled on SWAT4 Server now. Type !vote taser
  • New messaging system replaces ageing mail system at website.

  • SWAT4 Server Updates
  • New vote features taser only ( !vote taser )
  • Server crash fixes
  • New server rules

  • Website Updates
  • New improved profile page
  • Server chat log with search
  • New messaging system. ( replaces mail system )
  • News archive.
  • Admin can view server credentials at website
  • Admins list
  • New improved Polls
  • minor tweaks