Important Announcement!
Dear Gamer, IP of our server has been changed. New IP is KoS ownership is also changed.
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Fellow Gamers! As we all know, we are frequently upgrading website and server & everything come at a cost. We always need your supports and feedbacks. If are are capable then please donate & help us keep this server online.

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Flag Name IP Address Banned By Status Updated
t00elitte 84.0.xx.xx [c=336633]uS|[c=999999]Levi Banned 14 hours ago
t00elitte 84.1.xx.xx fappywizard<3 Unbanned 6 days ago
LSATS 197.39.xx.xx uS|razi Banned 1 week ago
bARRACUDA|BoSko 85.203.xx.xx JL11 Banned 2 weeks ago
Junglee 45.119.xx.xx Kinnngg Unbanned 2 weeks ago
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